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Welcome to our table

The farm-to-table culture of eating is one that we grew up with and wanted to recapture in our Appalachian Bistro concept.  Our menu is made up of dishes that our grandparents and great-grandparents put on their tables, and when possible include fresh seasonal vegetables such as garden fresh tomatoes, corn, and cucumbers; potatoes and winter squash, and slow simmered soups and smoked meats.  Every meal is made from scratch, and while we may veer toward a few specials that aren't purely Appalachian, our menu reflects a deep appreciation for the mountain cuisine that has been passed down to us from resourceful and frugal ancestors.

Welcome to our table!  We are honored to share it with you!

Mike & Velora



Catering by the 1863 is located on the edge of the Monongahela National Forest, in Elkins, West Virginia. We specialize in giving an elevated casual dining experience. Our menus reflect a modern take on rustic recipes while celebrating Appalachia culinary traditions. We pride ourselves in using the freshest and finest ingredients to give our guest an unforgettable dining experience. Every event that we plan reflects our passion for catering as well as our longstanding reputation within our community.

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